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WordPress, SEO, and SEM Instructors

Joining WPBN eAcademy as a WordPress, SEO or SEM Instructor is a great opportunity to use your skills within WordPress, SEO, and SEM to inspire and empower others.

WordPress and SEO are experiencing extreme growth with more and more websites being created in WordPress and competition for the highest positions on the SERP becoming ever tougher. The demand for new specialists and new skills is therefore greater than ever.

Employees and freelancers must master WordPress and must be SEO-experts to handle even the simplest of digital marketing tasks. Likewise, to become a marketing manager – or to be able to manage the web strategy of their own company, one needs to be able to work with SEM.

This is where you come in the picture. You, as a WordPress or SEO/SEM professional, specializing within WordPress, SEO or SEM, put together, support, and update a portfolio of courses, targeting either specific topic/issue or covering the full range of topics/issues, within certain area. Optionally, you offer WordPress, SEO or SEM services and products via the site, such as WordPress setup, optimization or maintenance; SEO services; managing AdWords; social media services, etc.

This way, WPBN eAcademy’s users can choose what exactly to learn and how much time to use on it. They can also choose to hire you to help them with their project.

WPBN eAcademy offers great working conditions. You can work from home or wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection. This means that you can also work whenever you want. In addition, you won’t need to come in touch with the site’s admin panel. You use simple user-friendly interface, allowing you to focus on what you love.

Last but not least, you are the one to set a price on your courses and you get paid high percentage-based commission every time a student enrolls on one of your courses or purchases your services/products.

What is in for You?

  • You work as much as you want
  • You are your own boss
  • You work from home
  • You join a highly professional and dedicated team
  • You work with what you are passionate about
  • You help others make their dreams come true
  • You create your courses as you see fit
  • You are free to promote your courses, services, and products
  • You are free to set the price on your courses, services, and products
  • You can create as many courses, service, and products as you can manage
  • You benefit of free site-wide promotion
  • You get one of the highest commissions in the industry
  • You can leave any time

Who are You?

  • You are a specialist in WordPress, SEO, SEM, conversion optimization, or social media
  • You are constantly developing your qualifications
  • You can transform your thoughts into meaningful learning paths
  • You have a relevant degree or sufficient experience – and can prove it
  • You are dedicated to the projects you start
  • You are responsible and always deliver high quality
  • You have sufficient knowledge of working with CMS to be able to find your way around the instructor dashboard on your own
  • You are proficient in English, have the possibility to get your materials proofread before submission or agree to use WPBN eAcademy’s proofreading service

How to Apply

Dear applicant, we are thrilled that you are considering to join us!

The application process is simple: you send your application and CV, we evaluate your application, and, upon approval, open an account for you, which you can start using right away.

Please review the Terms of Service before continuing. They cover important information about the rules, applying to anybody using WPBN eAcademy, as well as the terms and conditions, applying especially to instructors. By submitting your application, you confirm that you have read and agree to the ToS and are thereby bound by them.

Please send your application to: instructor@wpbneacademy.com. All applications must include the following:

  • Your core competence(s)
  • What you’d like to work with (choose one or more areas from your core competences)
  • Your experience, relevant to your core competence(s) and the chosen work area
  • Your English skills (if you aren’t proficient in English, you must indicate, how you plan to work with proofreading)
  • Your acceptance of the Terms of Service

Please note that education, skills, and experience must be documented. Incomplete applications won’t be reviewed.

You can apply for this opportunity at any time, until we close for applications. This will happen with one-week notice on this page.

About WPBN eAcademy

WPBN eAcademy is an e-learning platform, enabling you to advance your skills within WordPress, SEO, SEM, and much more from the digital marketing world.

WPBN eAcademy is associated with WPBloggingNerd.org and offers free and paid learning resources, as well as the opportunity to join the platform as an instructor, create, and sell own courses.

WPBN eAcademy's Face

Diana D Jensen is the founder of WPBloggingNerd and WPBN eAcademy. Specializes in development, design, management, and optimization of template-based WordPress sites, as well as Search Engine Marketing. Certified in Google Advanced Analytics, Google AdWords Shopping, and Google AdWords Search.
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