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Privacy & GDPR

We at WPBN eAcademy do a lot to protect your privacy and keep the personal data we gather in the process of work safe.

What data do we collect?

We collect personal data in relation to account creation, payments, newsletter subscription, and activities.

  • Credit cards. We never save credit card details but they are passed further to PayPal as a part of the payment process. PayPal is also under the regulations of GDPR, meaning that EU citizens should be able to retreive, alter or request deletion of their data from PayPal.
  • Order history. We keep your order history for as long you are registered on the website. Order history covers purchase details, such as product, prise, date, etc. Order history is protected via encryption on our server and is not shared with any third party.
  • Account information. When creating an account, you are promted to fill out personal detais, such as name, telefon number, email, country of residence, education, etc. All of this data is kept safe by 1) keeping your profile private, 2) using SSL on the server to counterfight data breaches, 3) using your data only in connection to delivering the services you enroll for, and 4) never sharing your data with third parties.
  • Communication via mail or messages on the sait. We keep communication with customers confidental, never use any data for other than the intended purpose and never sharing the information with third parties.
  • Emails and names. In connection to newsletter subscription, you’ll be asked to enter name and email. They are never used for other purposes and never shared with third parties, beyond MailChimp, which is our newsletter engine. We trust that they respect your privacy.

In addition, we collect annonymous usage statistics via cookies that transfer the data into Google Analytics.

We collect the following type of information:

  • Number of users and sessions
  • Session duration
  • Annonymous usage history for individual site visitors, where site visitors are only identifiable through a randomly assigned ID.
  • Country
  • Devise and browser
  • Visited pages during the session
  • Landing and exit page

None of these data are in any way paired with your personal details. They are retain for the period of 1 year and deleted automatically afterwards.

The data is used to optimise the website and offer a better product.

The data is shared with Google Analytics as a part of the data analysis for optimization purposes. We can therefore not guarantee the way the data is treated on their end, as this is a subject of their privacy policy, which we don’t have influence on.

Your rights

You have the right at any time to request a copy of the information we have on record about you.

You are also entitled to ask us to make changes, if the information we have is incorrect, or to ask us to delete all or parts of the information.

Lastly, you have the right to unsubscribe from mails from us at any time.


The GDPR is a legislation of the EU. It is therefore only applicable to European citizens.

As a European, you have the right to ask for copy of our records concerning you. We can however only deliver information thst is currently being stored. As a part of normal work flow, some data will be regularly deleted in accordance with any law that may apply (concerning company records).

As a European, you may at any time ask us to delete our records about you. However, in order to use our services, we require a fully filled out profile. Therefore, you should decide whether to get your data deleted or stay active on the website.

You can also request to not receive emails from us. This will result in no newsletters being sent to you. You wil however still receive administrative mails and notifications about changes or events connected to your account.

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