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WordPress Child Themes


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The course WordPress Child Themes is for you, who want to create their first child theme. Learn how to set up a child theme and to prepare it for customizations.

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This free course will guide you through the process of creation and initial setup of a child theme in WordPress. This course is suitable for beginners but will without a doubt be more useful to a more experienced WordPress-user that is familiar with one or more of the programming languages, used in WordPress.

You will learn:

  • How to create child theme files and folders
  • How to upload them on the server
  • How to activate a child theme
  • How to import styles from the parent theme
  • About the 4 programming languages, used in WordPress

You get:

  • Unlimited access to course material
  • Automatic enrollment on all free courses
  • Focused course units
  • Test to help you learn
  • Private discussion group for enrolled students
  • Interactive learning with discussion enabled in every course unit
  • Certificate of completion


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