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WordPress Courses

WordPress courses by WPBN eAcademy are created by professionals with usability and implementation in mind. They will help you start, set up, and optimize your WordPress-based site, so that you can achieve best possible results within a short time.

Usually, working with WordPress makes one aware of the many possibilities, dangers, pitfalls, and gold mines on the way. This, however, takes time and involves a lot of trial and error. If you want to start a successful site or blog though, you don’t have time to make all the mistakes necessary to become an experienced WordPress-user.

We at WPBN eAcademy are here to help. Our WordPress courses focus exactly on those elements that require your attention here and now in order to avoid failure and steer towards success.

WordPress courses are for you, who:

  • Want to start their own website
  • Want to learn, how to manage a WordPress site
  • Want to learn to customize WordPress sites
  • Want to learn about WordPress-specific SEO
  • Want to create a successful content-driven website

The WordPress courses are available as full walk-throughs and as modules, helping you solve specific issues. They are divided into three levels, depending on user experience: beginner, advanced, and master.

With all WordPress courses by WPBN eAcademy, you are guaranteed:

  • Up-to-date learning material
  • Highly skilled instructors
  • Instructional video and screenshot guides
  • Unlimited access to the learning material
  • Unlimited access to future updates of the courses you have taken
  • Unlimited downloads of study-related materials
  • Exclusive access to private discussion groups for enrolled students
  • Interactive learning via a discussion option on every page
  • Certificate of completion

About WPBN eAcademy

WPBN eAcademy is an e-learning platform, enabling you to advance your skills within WordPress, SEO, SEM, and much more from the digital marketing world.

WPBN eAcademy is associated with WPBloggingNerd.org and offers free and paid learning resources, as well as the opportunity to join the platform as an instructor, create, and sell own courses.

WPBN eAcademy's Face

Diana D Jensen is the founder of WPBloggingNerd and WPBN eAcademy. Specializes in development, design, management, and optimization of template-based WordPress sites, as well as Search Engine Marketing. Certified in Google Advanced Analytics, Google AdWords Shopping, and Google AdWords Search.
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